Technical Data Diesel Engine for Download


You have disassembled something on your MF tractor and would like to mount it again, but you are missing the right torques or setting values?

Then you are exactly right in this category!

Here you will find the appropriate technical info about your Massey Ferguson tractor type or engine type.

If your tractor or engine type is not listed, then please use the link below and write me an email.

I am sure that I will find a solution for it.


various pages full of important settings, torques and tolerances for a successful tractor repair.

This technical data is a digital PDF product. To open you need "Adobe Reader" or you need to have an alternative PDF reader installed.

Just print the pages to have all the important data on your tractor ready. The original is stored on your PC and is not "oiled" with oil or grease. ;-)

By clicking on the "buy now" button you will be forwarded accordingly, but do not worry, this page is mine too - unfortunately, this is not technically possible otherwise ...

Oh, a small request yet - when duplicating I need no help, so I like to take care of myself ;-)

Technical Information Diesel Engine 23C English

22 pages 

For only 4,70 €

Technical Information Diesel Engine 3A - 152 English

7 pages 

For only 4,10 €